Kansas City & San Diego Business Coach

Are you ready to become a more effective leader, overcome organizational issues, and empower your team?

Through coaching, JQ Business Coaching is here to help you achieve more than ever before.

Imagine leading a business that just works. A business in which:

  • You work with the exact clients you desire.
  • You are surrounded by an engaged, motivated team that cares just as much about your mission as you do.
  • Everyone is following a well-crafted playbook so they deliver as expected, every time.

Our goal at JQ Business Coaching is to transform you from a business owner to the leader of a thriving company by teaching you a proven, straightforward way to grow and run your business.

What I Do


I am a business owner myself with first-hand experience in what it takes to run a successful operation that allows more freedom, less headache, and proven market sustainability. As a San Diego business coach, I thrive on helping small businesses create systems, allowing them to build a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise that works with or without them through a simple 6-step approach. You should own your business, not the other way around.


If you are looking for someone to speak at a company event or give training to your employees, I have a variety of training/topics that I regularly present. Let’s motivate the troops!


Our coaching program has three main components that will help you build the business you desire.


Resource Library

We offer a tangible and valuable resource library to jumpstart your progress. Housed in the library is educational content on the 6 Steps to Build a Better Business, along with templates and worksheets to guide you through implementation of each step along the way.


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

With your coach, you work on planning and implementing the 6 Steps to Build a Better Business, receive answers for your questions that come up in your work, go deep on the psychological game of leadership, and attack any pressing problems in your business to be able to move it forward.


"Always On" Support

Questions and challenges don't arrive on a regular schedule, so your coach will be there for you through email, text, or short phone calls when you need it.

What Is Business Coaching?

You had big dreams when you began your business. You envisioned getting to do the work you loved, earn more money, and also have the freedom to live the life you desired.

The truth turned out to be a little different.

You work constantly, the money isn’t coming as quickly as you hoped (or as soon as it comes in it goes right back out!), and freedom – well – that’s nowhere to be found. You often feel overworked and overwhelmed. On your worst day, you even consider shutting everything down and getting a “job.”

There is a fundamental reason why you’re feeling this way.

Doing the work in your business and running your business are two very different things.

You spent years becoming great at doing the technical work of your small business. However, all that training and experience in your trade never taught you how to actually run a business.

This is where we come in.

JQ Business Coaching’s proven program was made to systematically work through a series of six steps to running a business that can work with or without you.. Each action-oriented step is designed to move you from strategic thinking into implementation – gain tangible results at every stage:

  1. Mastery
  2. Niche
  3. Leverage
  4. Team
  5. Synergy

Through our proven method,  you will move from scrambling to get it done, to calm and in control. It’s time to stop making it up as you go along and start working on a deliberate plan to realize your goals. 

You’ll turn your business from something that stops functioning the moment you stop working, to a company that can function without you.

In the long run, you get a business that just works and the life that you want to live. Isn’t that why you started this business in the first place?

When you start working with Joe Quero, JQ Business Coaching, you set a very clear picture of the current condition of your business. Together with Coach Joe, you assess how well – or not – each component of your company functions and begin to lay out a strategy for the steps we’ll take. Then, we get to work.

Our coaching program will transform your business from a place where you do all of the work yourself into a well-organized machine that can run without you.

Business Coaching

It is possible to grow your company and enjoy the freedom you were searching for when you started your business

You can create a company that aligns with what matters to you personally, provides financially for you and your family, and engages happy, loyal clients so you can feel fulfilled, confident and secure.

You can accomplish this and you don’t have to do it alone!

But you have to take the first step.